Maria Sullivan

Owner and Chief Editor

Maria Sullivan is a renowned wedding planning expert, entrepreneur, and blogger with over a decade of experience in the wedding industry. As the founder and former owner of a boutique wedding planning agency, she has helped countless couples bring their dream weddings to life. Now, as an online wedding advice blogger, Maria shares her knowledge and expertise with couples around the world, providing valuable insights and practical tips for planning the perfect celebration.

Maria’s Journey

Maria’s passion for weddings began at an early age, as she would eagerly immerse herself in bridal magazines, dreaming of the day she could help others create their own fairy tale weddings. She went on to study event management at Penn State University, where she honed her skills in organizing and executing large-scale events.

In 2011, Maria took the plunge and founded her boutique wedding planning agency, “Bespoke Weddings by Maria.” Over the next 10 years, Maria and her team of dedicated professionals planned and executed hundreds of unforgettable weddings. The agency quickly gained a reputation for its personalized approach and attention to detail, leading to numerous awards and accolades from leading industry publications.

Transitioning to Online Expertise

After a decade of hands-on experience, Maria decided to transition from running her successful agency to sharing her wealth of knowledge with a broader audience. She launched her wedding advice blog in 2021, with the mission to help couples navigate the complexities of wedding planning and inspire them to create their dream celebrations.

Maria’s blog covers a wide range of topics, including budgeting, venue selection, d├ęcor, invitations, and more. Her practical advice, drawn from years of experience, has become an invaluable resource for couples and fellow wedding professionals alike.

Personal Life

Maria is a proud mother of two and a devoted wife to her loving husband, Michael. When she’s not helping couples plan their dream weddings, she enjoys spending quality time with her family, traveling to new destinations, and exploring her passion for photography.

Maria’s commitment to helping couples create unforgettable memories has made her a sought-after expert in the wedding industry. Her dedication and passion shine through in every blog post, ensuring that her readers are always well-informed and inspired as they embark on their wedding planning journeys. Connect with Maria on her blog or social media channels to stay updated on the latest wedding trends and receive invaluable advice for planning your special day.

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