Top Places to Send Wedding Invitations: A Guide for Couples.

Congratulations! You have found the love of your life, and now it is time to share the good news with friends and family. One of the most essential parts of wedding planning is sending out wedding invitations. This blog post will guide you through various places to send your wedding invitations, ensuring that your special day will be perfect.

Traditional Mail Delivery Services

Postal Services

When it comes to sending wedding invitations, the most common method is using traditional mail services like USPS, Royal Mail, or Canada Post. These providers offer a range of options for sending your invites, such as:

  • First-class mail for quick delivery
  • Priority Mail for added peace of mind
  • International shipping for guests abroad

Additionally, many postal services offer special stamps or customization options that can add a personal touch to your envelopes.

Courier Services

If you want to ensure that your wedding invitations arrive promptly and safely, consider using a courier service such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL. These companies provide reliable and efficient delivery options that can guarantee the safe arrival of your invitations. Some benefits include:

  • Tracking numbers to monitor progress
  • Signature confirmation upon delivery
  • Insurance coverage for valuable items

Keep in mind that courier services may come at a higher cost compared to standard postal services.

Online Invitations

In today’s digital age, online invitations have become increasingly popular. Many couples choose this option for its convenience and eco-friendliness. There are several platforms available for creating and sending online wedding invitations:

Email Invitations

Creating an invitation through email allows you flexibility in design while also being cost-effective. You can either use a simple text-based email or create a graphical invitation using design software like Adobe Illustrator or Canva. When choosing this method, remember to:

  • Personalize each email with the recipient’s name
  • Use BCC (blind carbon copy) when emailing multiple recipients
  • Request RSVPs through email or a linked website

Wedding Websites

Many couples opt for creating a wedding website to manage their invitations and RSVPs. Platforms such as Zola, The Knot, or Minted offer customizable templates, online RSVP tracking, and guest list management. Some advantages of using a wedding website include:

  • Easy updates for guests
  • Integration with registries and accommodations
  • Ability to share photos and stories

Hand-Delivering Invitations

For couples with a smaller guest list or those looking to add an extra personal touch, hand-delivering invitations may be the perfect option. This method allows you to personally connect with each invited guest and can create lasting memories. Consider these ideas for hand-delivering your wedding invitations:

Home Visits

Schedule visits to the homes of your local friends and family members, allowing time for a brief chat while delivering their invitation. This is an excellent opportunity to catch up and share your excitement about the upcoming wedding.

Social Gatherings

If you have a pre-wedding event or another social gathering on the calendar, use this opportunity to deliver your invitations in person. Be mindful not to exclude any guests who are unable to attend the event.

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Unique Delivery Methods

For couples looking to make a statement with their wedding invitations, there are several unique delivery methods to consider:

Balloon Deliveries

Add flair by attaching your invitation to helium-filled balloons. Coordinate colors with your wedding theme, and hand-deliver the balloon-invitation combos for a whimsical surprise.

Message in a Bottle

For beach-themed weddings or nautical lovers, consider placing your invitation inside a small glass bottle for a creative “message-in-a-bottle” effect.

Edible Invitations

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Work with a local bakery or chocolatier to create delicious cookies or chocolates that have your invitation details printed on edible paper. This tasty treat will surely leave an impression!


The way you choose to send your wedding invitations sets the tone for your special day, and there are various options available to suit every couple’s preferences. Whether opting for traditional mail services, embracing digital platforms or hand-delivering invitations to loved ones, remember that the most crucial aspect is sharing your joy with those closest to you.

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