How to Make Belly Bands for Wedding Invitations: A DIY Guide

Belly bands are a beautiful and functional addition to your wedding invitations. They help keep all the elements of the invitation suite together, such as the RSVP card, details card, and envelope, while also adding an extra touch of elegance. The process of creating belly bands for your wedding invitations is simple and cost-effective. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps needed to create your own belly bands at home as well as provide some design inspiration.

Material Options for Belly Bands

Paper Choices

When selecting the material for your belly bands, it is essential to consider their appearance and texture. There are several types of paper commonly used for belly bands:

  • Cardstock: A thicker, more durable option that can be easily cut and folded.
  • Vellum: A translucent paper that adds a touch of sophistication.
  • Patterned Paper: Adds a unique design element to your belly band.

Ribbon or Twine

If you prefer a more textured look, consider using ribbon or twine for your belly band. These materials come in various colors and styles to match your wedding invitations.

  • Satin Ribbon: Adds a smooth and elegant finish.
  • Grosgrain Ribbon: Provides a textured and rustic appearance.
  • Twine: An ideal choice for a rustic or vintage-themed wedding.

Measurement and Cutting Process

Before cutting your material, it is crucial to measure the size needed for your particular invitation suite. Here’s how:

  1. Assemble one complete set of your invitation suite (including RSVP card, details card, and any other inserts).
  2. Measure the height of your assembled suite from top to bottom.
  3. Add 0.5 inches (1.27 cm) to this measurement. This will be the width of your belly band strip.

Next, follow these steps to cut out the strips:

  1. Using a paper cutter or ruler and scissors, cut out the strips from your selected material based on the width measurement calculated above.
  2. The length of the strip will depend on the material and style you prefer. For cardstock and patterned paper, 11-12 inches (28-30 cm) should be sufficient, while for ribbon or twine, you may need a longer piece.

Simple and Elegant Belly Band Designs

Now that your strips are ready, let’s explore some simple yet elegant belly band designs:


One way to add visual interest is by layering multiple materials. For example, you can layer a piece of vellum over a piece of cardstock or combine two different patterns/colors of paper. Just make sure to keep the layers balanced in both size and design.

Folding Techniques

There are several folding techniques you can use to create unique belly bands:

  • Basic Wrap: Simply wrap the strip around your invitation suite and secure it at the back with adhesive.
  • Overlap Fold: Fold one end of the strip over itself, creating an overlap on the front side of your invitation suite.
  • Diagonal Fold: Create a diagonal fold across the invitation suite by angling one end of the strip towards the center.


Adding embellishments to your belly band is another way to elevate its appearance. Some options include:

  • Wax seals
  • Decorative stickers or stamps
  • Paper flowers
  • Personalized tags or labels

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How to Assemble Your Belly Bands

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  1. Lay out all your materials and tools (adhesive, scissors, ruler).
  2. Choose your preferred design from the options mentioned above.
  3. Place your invitation suite in front of you with the inserts stacked neatly inside.
  4. Wrap or fold the belly band around your invitation suite as desired.
  5. Secure all ends and layers together using an adhesive suitable for your material, such as a glue dot or double-sided tape.

DIY Belly Band Tips and Tricks

  • If you plan to mail your invitations with belly bands, consider reinforcing the band with extra adhesive to ensure it stays intact during transit.
  • Practice folding techniques on scrap paper first before working on your actual material.
  • Use a bone folder or the edge of a ruler to create crisp, clean folds.
  • Always create a few extra belly bands in case of mistakes or accidents.

In conclusion, creating belly bands for your wedding invitations is an easy and affordable way to add a personal touch to your special day. With these helpful tips and design ideas, you’ll be able to create the perfect finishing touch for your invitation suite. Happy crafting!

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