The Best Wedding Font Combinations For Gorgeous DIY Wedding Invitations

This post is all about how to pair fonts to design your own wedding stationery, as well as a rundown of the best free Canva wedding font combinations for every invitations style!

The Best Wedding Font Combinations for DIY Stationery: How to Successfully Combine Fonts

So… you’ve decided to make your own wedding invitations – go you!

But, let’s be honest here. You can have the nicest card stock and cutest envelopes, BUT if the wedding fonts you choose don’t work together then your wedding stationery will miss the mark.

I’m going to talk you through the 4 must-follow rules for the best wedding font combinations, to help you choose the right fonts for your wedding style AND I’m sharing real-life pretty font pairing ideas to rock your own invites.

Ready? Let’s get going…

The 4 must-follow rules for successful wedding font pairings


You don’t want to overwhelm your stationery with too many competing fonts. I recommend 2 fonts – at a maximum 3. Every font should have a role. You want a simpler font for the body of the invite, as well as a more decorative font, to add a little interest.


It’s important that the fonts you choose complement each other. But, at the same time, there needs to be some contrast between them so they’re not visually too similar.

For example, choosing 2/3 variations of script calligraphy is a bit too busy for the eye. Nothing stands out, right?


There’s nothing worse than receiving a wedding invitation and having to pore over it to decipher the key information.

Often the culprit is the size of the font or even the text color. But, the type of font can also impact legibility.

I’d recommend that you keep ornate script fonts to highlight certain points of the stationery only (such as your names). Use something a little easier to read for the most important information, such as the date, time and location of your wedding!

It’s especially important to use readable fonts for important info like the venue name, the date, the time, and any transportation/lodging info!


What kind of wedding are you having? The wedding font pairing that you choose should make sense in the context of your wedding theme and style.

For example, I wouldn’t use a casual, childish font like ‘Chalkboard’ for a very traditional wedding invite. Likewise, an ornate script font like ‘Edwardian Script’really wouldn’t make sense for a more whimsical, relaxed wedding.

Here are some tips on wedding invitation font pairing for every theme:

Formal – look for traditional serif fonts or script styles.

Modern – choose simple sans-serif fonts (‘light’ version if possible for a more minimalist look). Opt for loose handwritten calligraphy fonts.

Rustic – quirky serif fonts work well, along with brush script calligraphy fonts.

Vintage – work an art deco look with very defined serif fonts.

Casual – choose looser whimsical sans-serif fonts and simple calligraphy fonts. 

Struggling to picture it? Here’s are some examples of the best wedding font pairings for each wedding style – all using free wedding fonts on Canva!

Ideas on how to combine the best wedding fonts on Canva

There you have it – the rules for successful wedding font pairings and examples of the best wedding font combinations using free Canva fonts…

Happy creating!

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