12 Alternatives for Wedding Confetti: The Ultimate Guide

This post is all about the alternatives for wedding confetti for your big day, with 12 great options for you to consider!

When it comes to wrapping up your big day, it’s no surprise that you want a creative, unforgettable send-off – one that packs color, personality, and artistic expression into that final exit.

We’ve outlined 12 wedding confetti alternatives below that’ll add a more personal, customized feel to your big day – a wedding exit experience your guests will be sure to remember!

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Why traditional wedding confetti can be a problem

First, let’s chat wedding confetti.

What are the pros and cons of using wedding confetti?

While wedding confetti has been around since the late 1800’s (and certainly makes for good photos), there are two pretty large cons that may make you consider other options.

Con # 1: confetti can damage the environment

Artificial confetti contains plastics and metals that are actually harmful to the environment, endangering both wildlife and aquatic life. In fact, since artificial confetti isn’t biodegradable, many venues actually will not allow confetti on their properties.

Con # 2: confetti is super messy

Which is another reason why wedding venues, especially public venues like churches, will not allow it at events. Yes, it’s fun and adds a pop of color for photos. However, it goes everywhere and stays everywhere.

So, instead of bridesmaids, friends, and family staying hours afterwards to sweep up tiny pieces of paper, why not shoot for alternatives for wedding confetti that are both festive and low maintenance?

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12 Alternatives for Wedding Confetti that won’t damage the environment

According to The Knot’s 2021 Real Wedding Survey, “nearly 70% of couples say they did/will put some or significant effort into incorporating sustainable or eco-friendly options into their wedding.”

Natural Alternatives To Wedding Confetti

Here are some ideas to make your confetti less environmentally damaging:

1. Throwing Rice

Rice has been historically a symbol of prosperity and fertility, and is often used by brides who like the traditional feel.

However, similar to wedding confetti, rice is also messy and hard to clean and can also be a danger to birds. So, if you’re looking for a more whimsical, colorful, simple option, we recommend choosing one of the other options below.

2. Floral or Dried Flower Confetti

Floral confetti is a fun, beautiful alternative to rice and traditional wedding confetti.

This eco-friendly confetti is made of dried florals, which means you’re not only getting a biodegradable option, but also one that smells absolutely amazing.

You can choose any type of color or style that suits your theme – from crimson-colored rose petals to elegant lavender buds. Feel free to mix-match hues – part of the beauty in this option is being able to get creative with the style and color palette.

Where to buy: there are countless dried flower confetti options available on Etsy…dried flower wedding confetti alternatives Etsy

3. Leaf Confetti

Leaf confetti, similar to floral confetti, offers pleasant aromas and beautiful aesthetics to your wedding exit.

This alternative to wedding confetti can still offer a wide variety of colors, while also requiring no clean up by your guests. Dried leaves are a more affordable option than floral confetti, and can be a simple, unique way to let your send-off stand out from the rest.

Herbs like chamomile, eucalyptus, as well as olive leaves, are all beautiful leaf confetti options.

Where to buy: check out Etsy for options to buy leaf confetti in bulk…Etsy leaf confetti in bulk

4. Plantable Confetti

You’ll need to talk to your wedding venue before selecting this option, but this wedding confetti alternative offers a fun twist from the rest: This biodegradable confetti also grows wildflowers!

This plantable paper is actually embedded with seeds that’ll grow into a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The paper turns into compost, so nothing’s wasted.

Similar to traditional wedding confetti, this option comes in a variety of bright colors, and can be a fun, festive detail that actually helps the environment.

Where to buy: you can find a range of plantable confetti options in various colors on Etsy.

5. Birdseed Confetti

Birdseed, another alternative to traditional wedding confetti or rice, is an environmentally-friendly option that’s pretty popular.

However, this is also an option that tends to hurt people when thrown (especially the bride and groom!) Coupled with the fact that the seed can stick to your clothes, as well as attracting birds, many venues won’t allow it to be thrown on their property.

6. Popcorn Confetti

If you’re looking for a unique alternative to throwing rice, then consider popcorn!

Popcorn still offers that traditional clean look, with one uniform color, but is less hazardous, harmful, and easier to see and clean up than rice.

Popcorn is biodegradable and one of the cheaper alternatives to wedding confetti or rice. Just make sure to get plain popcorn that’s butterless or without any additives so it doesn’t ruin your dress!

So there are TONS of options for eco-friendly things to throw at a wedding. But what if your venue says NO to anything being thrown at all?

If your venue says ‘no’ to any kind of throwing

Whether it’s trying to minimize liability or damage to their property, a “no throw rule” is becoming an increasingly common request by venues.

So, here are a few options that’ll still help you have that grand exit you’re looking for while respecting your venue’s guidelines:

7. Ringing Bells wedding exit

Ringing bells is a fun Irish tradition that supposedly wards off evil spirits.

This is a great wedding confetti alternative because not only is it 100% mess-free, but the chimes from the bells are a perfect complement to cheering guests.

Where to buy: this would be a great DIY. Or, there are plenty of wedding wands with bells available to buy on Etsywedding wand with bells

8. Streamers wedding exit

Streamers offer that whimsical, magical touch to your wedding exit that other wedding confetti alternatives can’t.

From lengthy ribbons to textured streamers, to the color of each dye – these are a great way to personalize your exit and complement your wedding’s colors.

9. Pom Pom wedding exit

Pom Poms are the perfect, festive symbol for your guests — your squad — to hold as they cheer for you!

These can be more bushy-like and shiny or more minimal and neutral. The soft pom pom rustle is also a great addition to those cheering in the background and may serve as less of a distraction than other noises.

10. Blowing Bubbles wedding exit

What better way to bring a smile to you and your guests’ faces than with this childhood throwback?

Blowing bubbles is the perfect, eco-friendly confetti alternative that leaves staff with zero cleanup duty.

You can purchase mini bottles of bubbles in advance for each guest, with personalized labels they make a great wedding favor too (win, win!)

Where to buy: Etsy have a wide selection of wedding bubble wands and labels availableWedding bubble wands

11. Sparklers wedding exit

If you’re exiting later at night, consider the stunning visual appeal of sparklers.

Sparklers allow you to light up the night and offer a great backdrop for photos as you make your big exit, offering a fun, celebratory shimmer for the occasion.

Just make sure to bring a lighter, and a bucket for guests to dispose of them after they’re finished.

Where to buy: head to Etsy for a range of personalized sparkler options for your guestsWedding sparkler exit

12. Glow Stick wedding exit

This is another option to light up the night with bright colors as you make your wedding exit… (and perfect for any older millennial couples to relive their 90’s raving youth!)

You can select a color scheme, and what form you’d like the glow sticks to come in (necklaces, sunglasses, a long wand, etc.) to help enhance photos!

Tip: Have your photographer plan in advance to lower their shutter speed, which will add a cool effect to your photos.

Where to buy: Check out Etsy for tons of glow stick options for your weddingwedding glow sticks

So, what will you choose?

There you have it: 12 unforgettable alternatives for wedding confetti. So, even if your venue is limiting you, there’s no excuse not to have a send-off with style!

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